January 25th, 2004

Fuse_Graphics 2


Hello everyone :)

I found this community in shinjitsu's userinfo and was like WHOO!

I'm home!

Here's a bunch of my FF icons.

Oh, and templates on these were made by minttea, oxladybugxo, junedreaming, and possibly others but I don't remember. If they are yours and you want credit, just let me know :)


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These are all back-icons--so no I did NOT make them all tonight haha. :)

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Wow I think that's enough!

Now here are my rules:

[x] Comment if taking any
[x] Credit me in keywords if using any
[x] Do NOT alter without permission
[x] Enjoy :)
Fuse_Graphics 2

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So I know these aren't icons, but I worked at these for the past few hours and I'm happy. So for now, 8 friends only banners for you :)

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Do NOT remove my name from the corners--I tag my banners so that people know where you got them. Rules apply with banners--credit me under the banner, or somewhere in your friends-only entry. So far people have been good with this :)

I hope you enjoy them!