February 3rd, 2004


overdrive sin!!!

Hi everyone... I know this IS an icon community but I know a lot of you have beatin FFX and I need help....

I cant seem to beat it before he unleashes "Giga-Graviton". My characters have low HP levels (Auron is my highest with over 4000, lulu and yuna have nearly 2000, and everyone else has in the mid to late 2000). I dont have the extra Aeons OR the Legendary weapons (and the aeons I have are not in overdrive mode, Id fix this but im RIGHT at the battle with overdrive sin). Despite these things i have heard of ppl beating sin under these conditions. If ANYONE has ANY help itd be GREATLY APPREACIATED!!!!!! thanks in advance for your help
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Fuse_Graphics 2

3 FF

I don't remember if I ever posted these...but the first one was just in a contest over at 2sistoybox so I couldn't post it until now. Unfortunately, nobody liked it, but hey, I take my losses in stride. Hopefully you guys will like it better. I'm using it over on my other journal because I was really happy with it. The other two aren't so great and I'm not that thrilled, but they were the last FF icons I've made since the last time I posted so I figured what the heck.

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