February 5th, 2004

Princess Tutu - Kraehe

My first song set! :D

I finally made a song set! With a Final Fantasy theme! From various Final Fantasy games!(VII-X-2, to be exact) The song is the translation for:

Kimi ga ita Monogatari-.hack//LIMINALITY sung by SeeSaw

Comment, credit in keywords if you take. (I worked really hard on this set!)

All of the lyrics will show up in order...just so you know how teh song goes...yep.

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    Kimi ga ita Monogatari- .hack//LIMINALITY-SeeSaw
SDCC - Kiss


Hello, I am new. ^^

I'd like to make a request for an icon or two for anyone willing to help.

I am looking for an icon with maybe Sephiroth or Cloud on it, kinda dark looking (from the game not the movie). Can anyone help me with that? Please? I prefer Sephiroth, if you can... anything is fine, and it doesn't really need to say anything or be fancy, just dark-ish.

Either comment here or e-mail me at: ChandlerAndJoey2@aol.com

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Fuse_Graphics 2

(no subject)

5 Wakka icons. Someone over on GJ was asking for them so I figured I'd post them in here too.

Images for the first four from FFGon, and the images for the last one came from FFCRYSTALS.

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[x] Comment if taking any
[x] Credit me in KEYWORDS if using any
[x] Do NOT alter without asking me first. I can customize the base for you, all you have to do is ask :)
[x] Enjoy!

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