February 23rd, 2004



Greetings all. I am a new member and a Yuna fan! Yay. Currently I am still looking for more Yuna icons and a Yuna Friends Only for my LJ.

-- Kim

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Yuna Icons and Banners

emodification asked for some Yuna icons and banners...So I figured I'd just repost the icons, and the banners I made a while ago that I never posted in here. Some of these icons you might not have seen...Not sure. I forget which ones I've posted in here. But I don't believe I've posted the banners. So...Enjoy!

All templates by minttea I believe.

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[x] Comment if taking any
[x] Credit in KEYWORDS (or in the case of banners, under the banner) if using any
[x] Do NOT alter without asking me first
[x] Enjoy :)

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Hey im new here and the first thing i'd like to say is that I think all your icons are great...I wish I was that good.The one im curently using is probably my best..i'll make more soon.I may end up borrowning someones...if I ever do i'll give full credit :P