March 2nd, 2004

Sorta a request. . .

I don't believe I have seen to many of Quistis Trepe, and I think it would be great to some icons of her.

I am working on some and will hopefully post them soon, does anyone have any videos? *wishes I could make those*
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Quistis & a few little suprizes...


01: Don't ask, just tell me. I can't promise to reply to everyone sorry.
02: Credit me [black_wingz] in your picture keywords or user info. NOT your journals.
03: Do Not hotlink these. Save onto YOUR computers!
04: Don't ask me to modify or make requests please.
05: All icons are shareable.

Have a peek!

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Fuse_Graphics 2

(no subject)

I have been requested to do a bunch of character icons, but I forgot which ones because (alas, alack, and lack-a-day) I neglected to write them down.

I attempted to make a list this morning.

I have so far on the list:

[x] Quistis Trepe
[x] Vivi
[x] Sephiroth
[x] Auron

Am I missing any? What other ones would you like to see? I promise I'll get on some of them this afternoon when I get back from classes.

(no subject)

Only one today.. erm.. I might post more later.. but I am too proud of this one (lots of work.. >_<)

i am obsessed.. *stares at Rikku FFX wall scroll longingly*

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Fuse_Graphics 2

Part One of the Promised Icons

Okay so I lied. I guess I'll post these big batches of icons in here. I've given it some thought. Credit is always nice. But I suppose, unless I make them from scratch, I'm not going to get hugely upset about it. So please credit me, but I'm not going to hunt you down.

And now, on to some of the icons I promised :) This is part one. I had fun today...



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So yeah. Enjoy :) (These will be crossposted to my own journal, and in love_icons)

All images from FFGON, and CreativeUncut.

[x] Comment if taking any
[x] Credit is really really nice...(in keywords please)
[x] Do NOT alter any of these without asking me first...
[x] Enjoy :)