March 7th, 2004

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*waves* Hi! XD

My first post at this community! :3 Well, this is the actual first icon...thing I've ever made, so don't go "j00 s0xx0r!!1" XD.

I've worked with Photoshop before so It's not like I have absolutely NO idea how to make icons, I've just never tried it before. It's quite fun really. XD They are all from the "secret movie", those who know of Deep Drive/KH2 know what I'm speaking of.

Uhm, they're not the best but live with me. >.<


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That's all I have to offer for now. n.n *presses Update Journal button and hides*
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I love Battle quotes. Yes, again.. transparencies..

I realized that they look horrible on a white background.. so here they are with black text and white shadow.. instead of white text and black shadow

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3 more for the evening.. then I relax, watch Teevee and dread school tomorrow. >_<

anyhoo the first one is a rikku battle quote from X-2, when she eneters a battle with critical health, and I liked the way it looked w.o text, I made a text-less one. The last one is one of my favorites! =D and it took a lot of work.. ugh.
needless to say, I like Rikku.

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