March 10th, 2004



I have just started making Icons, and thought this would be a great place to post and get comments...

I have a question for you pplz... what is the cut option? I dont understand it, and it's pretty mandatory for me to figure out how to use it....



Im setting up my website ((view the craptacular layout here)) and I was wondering...would it be okay for me to have a Final Fantasy Icon Shoppe section? That way it would be a place where all the icons would be displayed, and it would make browsing the icons easier. I could, if you guys wanted, install a password system which you would have to be part of the community to view the images, and sort them by which user made would be much more effective then browsing through the whole LJ just to find icons by one user or of one type... just thought I might suggest it, if this is a bad idea feel free to point and laugh.