March 15th, 2004

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i'm sorry to bother you all, but someone requested an icon.. with Rikku in her mascot outfit. I have it all ready to go but...i forgot what they wanted the text to say... could you let me know?
Again, sorry to bother.
Dekim Barton Yaoi.


4 offerings, all of Sephiroth, and all from Evanescense.

Lyrics: Tourniquet x2, Bring Me to Life, and Whisper by Evanescense.




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MR "Forever"

Just started...

Hi ^^, I just started making animated (FF) icons and I was curious if they're OK (and if people liked them).

Please comment. =))

Want to use them? Please give credit or let me know. I would be very happy. ^^

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FLCL - Eh?

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Woo. Another place for me to join. ^_^

I'm new here, if you can't tell. WELCOME ME AND JUNK! O_O

Annnnyway. My first entry is crossposted. >_>

Older FF icons will soon be posted in my icon soon as I find them. ¬_¬ So er, friend it if you want.

Three FFIX icons. Comment, credit, and all that jazz.

Also, I have 107 bases over at tarnished_icons

I'll include some in this post for those who want a taste of them, but for the majority, go to my community.

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