April 8th, 2004

Fuse_Graphics 2

Just saying hi...

This isn't really a post of icons...because...well...I haven't really made any in a while. I've been busy with the new literary magazine that I am managing editor of *squee*

But I felt like showing off my new icons that I made for myself last night. :D

No stealing (they have my username on them :P) but I just wanted to share.

I promise more soon, if not today before I go home for the weekend, then sometime next week.
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(no subject)

Made new icons hope everyone enjoys them...



1.I got the bases from google,Image so Im not shure if they need to be credited.

2.The first icon uses lyrics from the song Motherland by Crystal Kay.

3.Feel free to use either but I myself may be using the second one.
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Request ;_;

Hello. ^^; I'm playing FFX now, and since I just saw the Macalania Woods FMV (So goddamn pretty. *_*) Would anybody make me any icons featuring pics from that? Please?

I'll credit (I always do), I'll plug, hey I'll even lick yer shoe. Well...internet. What a wonderful thing! XD Hahah. But seriously.
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