April 14th, 2004

Me in red 2013

Doing My Part..

Not my best material..buuut I still like them..so if you would like to use one, please just cred and comment for me if you would! ^_^
1-TidusRemember-My Fave
2-Yuna Real Emotion
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Me in red 2013

More to add onto last post ^_^

(1.) (2.)(3.)
DEFAULT-...Charlie's Angels versaion of YuRiPa..you may take and use even though I am using it as well :)
(1.)-Yuna-Alone in Here
(2.)-Yuna-will kick your ass LOL
(3.)-Yuna-what a dorky idea..I liked it ok?! LOL
you know..cred and comment! ;)
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Me in red 2013

some of these are..not so good x.o

ok this is the..last update..for the next..few hours I swear! XD. I've just been super image happy lately (see my info page for my..favorite..graphic..) and so Ive just been makin' um like crazy!!
(I will do custom info page banners for anyone who would like one ^_^ for examples see info page and dead journal..)
1-Real Emotion *Yuna* so perty..
(have we all got the hint that I'm a Yuna fanatic for some..strange reason?)
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