April 17th, 2004

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Okay novastrike, here's your icon... and by 'icon' I mean 'icons'. 0_o. I forgot exactly what you wanted, and didn't feel like going back online to check. So I figure one of these two has to be close to your request. ^_^;; (The first one may take a while to fully load.)

I also created this Tseng x Elena icon. I dun like it as much as the other ones though...

Anyway, if anyone wants it please comment and credit.

Bleh. I've got to stop using such small fonts on the icons...
Fuse_Graphics 2

Request Away

Hey guys I'm taking the first five requests I get. Maybe more if I feel generous. If you want to request something from me, please just take the time to fill this little thing out so I know what you want. Oh and I forgot--you can request anything but a layout from me. Meaning icons, headers, banners, backgrounds, etc.

Image: (link or picture)

To post a link, type in the following code:

<a href="URL">text of the link</a>

To post an image, type in the following code:

<img src="URL">

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hikki [ utada hikaru ]

New member. Oh my!

Hey all, I just joined the community today. Wheeee.

I have six icons to offer. Here are two teasers:
Yuffie: The Way of the Shinobi Cloud: Take Me Higher

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.1 Please comment if you're taking an icon, and say which one. I like to see who takes them. :3
.2 Please credit adaneko in the keywords of the icon. It'd be much appreciated!

So enjoy! X3