April 18th, 2004

Fuse_Graphics 2

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I only have one icon from FF tonight but there are more and different ones over at my journal.

Here's the one I made:

If you want to alter it, please ask first. (I'd LOVE it if you'd ask ME to alter it FOR you *hint*hint*)

Comment if you're taking, credit is always appreciated as I play with my bases a lot to get them to look nicer...

Fuse_Graphics 2

Whoo for icons and tons of bases!



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There are lots more at my journal so add me up and you'll get to see fun :)

Comment if taking, credit is always greatly appreciated, and don't alter them without asking me first. I'd love it if you'd ask me to alter them for you :)

Oh, and I'll finish up yall's requests either tonight or tomorrow...I have had a lot of work to do and today was too nice to spend inside making icons!

Night all :)