April 22nd, 2004

Fuse_Graphics 2

Shiva and Yunalesca

Hey guys, seven Shiva bases today and three icons that someone had requested in comments (edits of my posted bases). Don't alter without asking first, but I'd love it if you'd ask me to alter them for you. Comment if you're taking any.



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MR "Forever"

Long time, no see...

Well, I'm back to university...actually I've been back there for nearly a month already, so I didn't quite find the time to create new icons. Just two at the moment (AGAIN *argh*). Maybe I'll be doing some more tomorrow as I've got some free time for a change then. ^^

2 icons, no text. But THIS scene doesn't need any words anyway. *gg*

Enjoy, comment, whatever. ^^ Credit would be nice but isn't urgently necessary.



Edit: No use writing a whole new entry for one last single icon. So I just edited it into this post. Enjoy. ^^

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