May 6th, 2004

Vincent Icon Request

Hi y`all!
I'm new here o-o;;
Just wondered if anyone would be so kind as to make me a Vincent icon.. but like half Turk Vince and half..Plain Vince. A sort of.. I'm not half the man I once was idea.
Would be mucho appreciated ^^
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Hi~! I'm neeeewwww! And, uh... new at PhotoShop, too. Well, I'm kinda new to it. But I dunno any neat techniques like most people do. Yeah, I usually use te pencil tool to do borders and stuff... Kinda sad, but I dunno anything better! ;__; But here's some plah blah FF icons. ^^; I hope they're not too crappy.

Advent Children Cloud! :P

A Squall one I made for regular LJ usage.

And this one is for my Tim Mani community! XD