May 7th, 2004

~"...that's why I buy Kinder Surprise"~

*boogie* --- can't think of title ^^;

Hiya ^__^ I’m new to this community (so if the icons don’t come up you know why ^^; ), but I got bored about an hour ago and decided to make some icons. I wasn’t going to post them but I thought, why not, so here they are, feel free to use them, but credit me if you do please *puppy eyes*

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Edit: I think the pictures now work ^^;

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happy feet!

ffx and x-2

mostly yuna, 'cause i happen to have the most pictures of her. a couple versions of a tidus icon and a couple versions of a paine icon. enjoy.

please comment if you take, credit in keywords if you use.

please don't take my user icon, that's not up for grabs.

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Fuse_Graphics 2

Rikku X

Hey guys, I made these for rikku8221 earlier and figured I'd share the Rikku (version X) love :)

(yes, I have two journal names--it's easier for me to comment with one and post with the other. I'm not two different people stealing each others' icons *wink*)

Here's four Rikku X icons.


Ask me to personalize them if you want :) Credit not necessary but always greatly appreciated. Just comment if you're taking any and ask if you want to alter them yourselves.

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