May 10th, 2004


Hello hello!

Mostly just an introduction to yours truly (me). The icon I'm using is the only one I have to offer just now, but I can switch around the words if anyone likes. I can also do some limited animation. I'll make more ASAP (yay summer break!!!!!) and post. Squall is yummy and Irvine is my baby. Someone make Irvine icons? *bats eyes* <3 Irvine.

FF8 -- it's all about the angst. ;)
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Ita Dango

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Hey all..this is my first time posting here...but I thought I would. These are all some FFVII Icons I made tonight. There's one of Reno, Two of Rufus, Two of Tifa, and one of Vincent. The Reno, Rufus, and one Tifa are all songs by garbage, the other tifa is Jet, and the Vincent one is linkin park. Enjoy. Comment and Credit please.

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