May 11th, 2004

Ita Dango

One more icon..hehe

As y'probably saw I posted earlier. Thought I'd try something new since i had some spare time and was goofing around with my image editing stuff. This icon took a bit of time.'s an icon of Vincent, along with his little scene in advent children. (I have both trailers heh)Comment and credit as always.

title or description

Little help?

I was wondering if someone out there could do me a HUGE favor and make me a Reeve icon?? It's for an RP journal, and I have no pics of him... ;_;

Or... if anyone has that neat picture of Reeve with Cait Sith over his shoulder, and would be so kind to share it with meh, I'm sure I can make my own icon.

Any help would be nice!! ^_^
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Hello, I'm new to this community ...

I actually have no clue how to make icons but I do have Photoshop. I'm not really sure how to animate things and such ... I don't even know the special font that most icons have (the regular white one with the black outline)

Would anyone like to make my day and tell me how to animate things? ^_^;;
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