May 25th, 2004

believe fairy

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any1 got squall "FRIENDS ONLY" picz w html codez? or rinoa maybwe? wud bwe bweta if twas did 1 d tag/html code as wel..bwut dunno y it dun show up.. -_-" can sum1 help me? tis d rite code n tingz..jus dat wen me put it in ma journally it turned out as crossez?! can ne1 help me out? >.<

n me lubbbbb ffviii!!!it so rulez..^-^ n me tink squall & rinoa r d pwrettiest out of all d ffz..

oso...heyheya 2 every1 ^-^ me is kinda new 2 dese communities tingz.. n happy 2 join 2 ^-^

all take care urself..baibai..xx
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believe fairy

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ok guess me do have to apologize but don't you think that most of you are a bit over-reacting?! information: yes me is chinese.. and yes, me type slang like alot of people do which is NORMAL.. and me just like to add a few things like putting a ‘w’ after a ‘b’ or ‘p’.. and yes, me have some problem in grammar.. and Sorry if alot of you can't take that fact..there’s 203 entries in my journal is because me like to write about everything in it and what happens..if you don't understand what me write, then don't read my journal..this is the translation of what me wrote before.. [Unknown LJ tag]xardasse wrote it already in the comment bit..copied..
"Anyone got Squall 'FRIENDS ONLY' pics with HTML code? Or Rinoa maybe. would be better if it was Squall. I did one myself..Got the tag/html as well but I dunno why it doesn't show. Can someone help me?This with right code things. Just that when I put it in my journal it turned out as crossed?! Can anyone help me.."

So anyhow, my last time of apology..Sorry for all the confusion..
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I hate my toilet

Woohoo! I'm getting better at making icons (well...sort of x.X)I don't know why but today I was obsessed with Final Fantasy VIII and Advent Children, so of course I had to make a few icons ^^;;;

If you want to take 'em just leave me a comment, no credit necessary

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Fuse_Graphics 2



I only have five for you today. Three Vincent, Two Cloud (AC). The blank Cloud one is for personalization--I can put your username (or a phrase I guess) up at the top (or on the bottom right) for you. All you gotta do is ask :)

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Comment, credit, don't alter without asking, ASK ME TO ALTER IT'S FUN!!!

Oh, and I made a new community yesterday. It's called ff_banners. So if you make banners of FF (or know someone who does), GO POST!

EDIT: Mosey on over to peacock_jade for some fancy shmancy icon contests. This week is foreign languages....SO IT WOULD BE GREAT IF Y'ALL DID JAPANESE! Or you know, another language... I did Japanese, but it doesn't matter how many people do the same language :) So go on!
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more an' more XP

Just finished watching RotK ^___^  Still love it, but I drank too much sugary drinks before hand and was giggerling half the way though it... that really pissed off my mum ^^; oops!

Anyway .... here are the icons I made last night.

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