June 1st, 2004


Would it be too much??

As a new member it might be asking too much, but I've seen theblackraven's work and I was wondering if I could have an icon made? I'd like there to be a picture of Squall and Rinoa holding eachother in the backround and with the moving part I'd like the clip of them running towards eachother in the field. Also, somewhere in there I'd like it to say "...Forever in my arms..."

Thank you ahead of time! *Bow*
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Ita Dango

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The Icons Requested by kane_isthara. I couldn't get footage of them running at each other in the field, however I did get footage of them both in a field, and the footage of them running towards each other, so I thought I'd make two icons and you can pick which you like better. Squall and Riona Icons...anyway, comment and credit as always. ^_~ Hope this works.

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