June 14th, 2004


Another Request

I ask for alot, don't I? By Anyone this time, (I actually want a whole buncha types of this, to see what everyone comes up with.) I would like an Icon with the following text:

"I will always protect you. If you ever need me, just grab my arm. I'll be there for you, forever.".... please use FF only, possibly Kingdom hearts though that would be a little hard to do... Maybe not... In anycase, lemme see what ya'll got!! Thanks in advanced!! ^_^


Hey, guys. I'd like to make a small request. Doesn't matter by who. <33

I'd just like to request [any] Rinoa icon[s]. There doesn't have to be any words, but whatever the designer thinks will go well with the icon is great. There doesn't have to be any special effects to it or anything. But i'd like it to be nice. I'm incapable of doing so myself, so as this request may seem pretty lame, I just wanted to make it open anyway. <3 I thank anyone who does this for me. Any and all icons are very very much appreciated.
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I figured out how to make transparent gifs! yay! ^_^

*cough* ya...anyways..Heres my batch for today...

Comment if you take any, no credit necessary
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(no subject)

I posted a crap load of KingdomHearts icons in kh_icons So GO THERE AND LOOK

Since I can't resist making some kind of mini-movie type icons:

Comment, credit in keywords, thanks.
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(no subject)

Hiya. I gots a request. ^_^

I'd like some icons of Gippal. Moving would be nice, but I just mean -any- Gippal icons whatsoever. I play him on two RP's and...would make me happy if I had my own icons and not stolen ones. lol

I'll credit and give you cooookies....*holds out cookie*