June 18th, 2004



Look, I made something! I really really REALLLY SUCKS, but It's my first Icon.

Words are Lyrics from the song "At the Beginning" by... someone... but in either case the song was in that Anastasia movie, so there.

The rest of these are just some FFXI Character I made and was fooling around with. If anyone has Request on FFXI Characters, I can do that in a snap. State the Race, Hair COlor, Weapon(s), and armor and I should come up with something. Also state if you want me to give you a sucky background or just the person with transparent background so you can use it for your own good causes.

And this one is special cuz it's just cool.

Comment appreciated, Credit Unnecessary.

While I'm here, no one replied to my own personal Request, I'll repost! ^_^


I ask for alot, don't I? By Anyone this time, (I actually want a whole buncha types of this, to see what everyone comes up with.) I would like an Icon with the following text:

"I will always protect you. If you ever need me, just grab my arm. I'll be there for you, forever.".... please use FF only, possibly Kingdom hearts though that would be a little hard to do... Maybe not... In anycase, lemme see what ya'll got!! Thanks in advanced!! ^_^