June 28th, 2004

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Hello! New Person Bearing Final Fantasy Gifts!

Hello! I'm Michi, and I'm new here. Once I referenced here by the lovely shinjitsu, I knew I had to join! So, here I come bearing my first song-set, using FFX-2 images.

1. Comment.
2. Credit sanctuarymemory.
3. Share.
4. Don't Steal.
5. Enjoy.

Behind the first cut, we have the lovely song lyrics for the icons. The song is "Isho" by Cocco.

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And without further ado...

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Like what you see? There's more icons over at tsunamichicons!</shameless>
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First Attempts

I guess you could say these are a couple of my first attempts of making decent FF_icons ^.^

There are currently,
[x] Two FFVIII icons (Rinoa Heartilly)
[x] And Two FFX-2 icons (Yuna and Lenne)


All comments welcome

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Hey!  I'm Mugen, and I just joined this community.  I have 11 icons, but all of them were made with Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor, so they aren't too fancy, but I still think they're pretty.

My Rules

1. Credit mugen_chan

2. Don't Steal

3. Share

I would appreciate comments, so...comment!  So here they are!

[3] Final Fantasy X

[3] Final Fantasy X-2

[4] Final Fantasy VIII

[2] Final Fantasy VII


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