July 3rd, 2004


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Just one. I really didn't mean to make it rhyme. That's why the first two don't, obviously. I was just watching it and suddenly noticed it and I said 'HOLY CRAP IT RHYMES'. In fact, I'm half tempted to go back in and change 'well.. all right' to 'yeah, that's fine', just so it actually will rhyme completely. :\ Dr. Seuuussss....

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A request

I was wondering if anyone could make me an icon of Squall and Rinoa in the field that says "Will you stay with me? Will you be my love?" and then "Among the Fields of Gold"


New Member And Some Icons

New member here.. I made a few lot of icons just for fun.. The vid ones look a bit choppy, but I broke them down into individual pics to fit more in without going over the 40k limit.. You know how these things go.. Anyway..

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Ok.. these have vids.. ^__^

Collapse )

Ok.. I think I got them all.. If I missed a few (Which I probally did, I'm a little drunk at the moment.. o_O;) I'll post them tomorrow!


~*~ Remember ~*~
-Credit if taken.. Post a comment if you do..

-Even if you don't take one, please post.. I like to hear input about my work..

-Don't modify a Icon and pass it off as your own.. I hate that!

That is all.. thank you and goodnight..
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