July 6th, 2004

Blowing Off Stress With Art.. ^________^

Ok New Icons.. This is how I blow off stress from my job, so be prepared for a constant Icon maker..

Here we go.. I put a lot more work into these.. And I'm a HUGE Evansecence fan (I'm a guy, but what can I say..? I love her voice..) so get used to her lyrics being seen on my icons.. If you see an Icon you like, but don't like the lyrics, just ask, and I'll make it however you want.

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"In My Field Of Paper Flowers" (Imaginary) - Evanescence
"Bring Me To Life"(Bring Me To Life) - Evanescence
"My Immortal" (My Immortal) - Evanescence
"Gently I Go, Into That Goodnight" (Innocent) - Fuel

You know the drill about taking them.. If you don't, I suggest you go back and read my other posts to find out..
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