July 13th, 2004

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Icons! Whoo!

Just a couple since these took me a while to edit.

01 02

As usual, comments and criticism are welcome. Also, if taking any, please credit in keywords and save to your own server. Thanks!
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Doctor Who//Blonde in a Union Jack

Song Set!

Here's my first song set.  It took FOREVER but I love the way everything turned out.
The cut contains the lyrics, followed by the set.  I tried to make them so that you can take some seperately.  Enjoy!  I would love comments!  All of them are from FFX.

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Auron icons!

Mr. Sexy Auron goes good with the Doors lyrics. The lyrics are from "Five to One" Enjoy! Commenting and crediting is required if you take these icons! They're just 3 variations.

[x-posting to sexofsanzo and ff_graphics]

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By the way, if you're going to alter them please let me know and give proper credit if you use it. Thanks!

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Cloud and Yuna

Hey guys xD this is my first post >_> I never posted my icons before but anyways! Here's a Cloud from Advent Children and Yuna from FFX-2. Credit to Fwahppuccino puh-leeeease! YEY!

I would've made more but PSP seems to be having a fatty hernia o_O;;;
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