July 14th, 2004

WANTED: FF Fandom Icon Makers

Hey, hey, hey!  LJ's most fabulous Final Fantasy icon contest is now midway through it's second week of competition!  Those interested in competing still have time to jump in on this week's challenege.  So stop on by and have look, whether it's to compete, vote, or just stare at the prettiness of it all!  ^_^;

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111 Icons

Hey, I'm back again!

I just joined a FFX RP...as Tidus (who everyone knows I slightly detest). So I went on an icon making spree.

Actually, I'd better elaborate that I have exactly '111' icons in this post. Mostly Tidus. There are a few Seymours that someone had asked for. Heck, I'll just make a list.

BUT! But...since I have a crapload of (textless) icons in this post, and they took nearly an hour to get done, online, and put here, I'm gonna ask for credit. So I'll say that again. THIS TIME I WANT CREDIT. There we go. ^_^ And a comment. Now, for the icons.


(X)64 Tidus
(X)2 Seymour
(X)4 Auron
(X)2 Yuna
(X)2 Lulu
(X)2 Misc.


(X)9 Tidus
(X)2 Yuna
(X)3 Rikku
(X)3 Paine
(X)3 Gippal


(X)1 Zell

Devil May Cry

(X)1 Dante
(X)2 Dante and Trish

Tomb Raider

(X)2 Lara Croft


(X)3 Horror Scenery


Collapse )

So yes. There you are. Woohoo. *chews on cookie*
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