July 24th, 2004

Romeo + Juliet 3

FMV clips?

Hi! I wanted to know if anyone here knew a website that has FMV movie clips of Final Fantasy 8? I wanted to use them for icon animations but the websites I've been to either don't have them in mpeg format and/or they don't work. Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

FF Wallpapers

Since I'm much better at makin wallpapers than icons, I just thought I'd share a few with you.

Tidus & Yuna
(This is one of my really old ones, but I like it anyway. Feel free to scratch out the "C.O.T.F" signature at the bottom with a paint program or something if you want to use it.)

Moogle Xing
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Hi everyone! Sorry ive been gone for so long but my computer was completely destroyed! Ive only just recently got a new one. Before that id have to update at my friend's houses! Anyway....I will start making icons again as soon as i get all my programs back. BUT! in the meantime im thinking of having a little contest......

Ive been thinking that the decor around the Icon Shoppe is a little old....and boring...SO! This brings us to the contest. It's a layout making one! Simple... People make layouts...i pick the best one...and you get the joy of seeing your work featured as the community backround! The only rule is that it must be of Final Fantasy.... I would LIKE it to somehow include stuff from all of them or really just a big tribute to Final Fantasy in general since thats what the community is about (It doesnt HAVE to be this, it was just my idea....do whatever you want! If it's good enough I'll use it no matter what it is). So go crazy! I dont know when the contest will be over... I guess when i get a decent amount of layouts to choose from. Have fun!

(OH! I...um... dont know anything about layouts except for the fact that i want one. So if you need more information from me i'll give it to you. And when i do get one to use i'll....um... need some help putting it up. I dont know how to do that either. heh.)
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New Webbie!

Just to let everyone know, I've made a website(URL on my journal), so if you missed an icon, it'll be there(wallpapers there 2!). However, I've only played FFX and FFX-2(of Final Fantasy), so that's the only FF icons you'll see.

Whenever I make a new FF icon, I'll post=)

Also, I'm gonna be gone for a week=(
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