July 27th, 2004

MR "Forever"

I'm living in outer space...

Edit#2: I just moved the icons into their new webfolders. They were off for a little but are back now. Hope you don't mind. Sorry. ^^° (by the way, in case you missed one you can now see them all on my new icon page www.babsicons.de.vu ^^)

Edit: I re-edited some more icons into the post. Didn't want to create another thread.

Even more FF Spirits icons for my erm I mean YOUR pleasure...
Usual rules: Enjoy, please credit when using and no direct-linking. ^^ Oh yeah, and comments are always welcome (you know...constructive criticism). ^_~

Quotes used on the icons come from: Fridtjof Hansen, Eleanor Roosevelt, Aldous Huxley, Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare...and my humble person. :P
"Oh you f*cking people" was taken from a very funny POTC (Sparrow) icon found on the web but as there was no credit given I don't know who created it. Just want to give credits NOW because I use the remark, too. ^^ So, whoever let loose these words...I took them for Neil. ^^

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