July 29th, 2004

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Friends Only images

Now I'm not sure if you can post 'Friends Only' images here, as I could find anything angst(sp?) it on the user info page, so I'm going o go for it ^^; hope you like them

3 - Final Fantasy XII ones
5 - Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children ones ^^

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I like comments ^_____^ and please credit me if you take *hugs*
Please don't kill me for posting these *ducks from flying bricks*

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urban legend


not sure if this is allowed, but if not, I'll take it down.

Can anyone tell me where/when this image occured? I've played FFX and FFX2 and I can't remember it from either game. Maybe I've gone retarded or did someone *make* it?

<.< o.o >.>
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MR &quot;Forever&quot;

FFVII AC icons...

Edit: I just moved the icons into their new webfolders. They were off for a little but are back now. Hope you don't mind. Sorry. ^^° (by the way, in case you missed one you can now see them all on my new icon page www.babsicons.de.vu ^^)

You lucky guys, I'm gonna spare you with "FF - Spirits" icons for a little while 'cause I got back to making Advent Children ones. Although I think that nearly every AC image on the web has been used about a hundred times for icons by now... Nevertheless I hope you're not yet fed up with this beautiful movie. ^^

Here you go:


1. 2. 3.

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Auron Walking

5 icons...

Made 5 icons today. Took me a while.

1) Auron
2) Beatrix
3) Quistis
4) Cloud
5) Lenne

If you haven't completed FFX yet, don't click on the link. It would be a shame to ruin it.
No need for credit, just comment. ^_~

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