July 31st, 2004

Icon Request, ne?

*pokes her head in* Meep! Howdy! I just joined this community and ahmmmm...I was wondering if someone would be nice enough to make me a pretty Icon...

Mmmm, considering I am a Yuffie and a Selphie cosplayer, I'd like an icon of one of them.

If someone does Yuffie, just take an ubercool picture and put some kind of witty Yuffie-esque comment on it. Or if someone would be happy to make me a Selphie icon, I'd just like a cutsie picture of her, anime-style, not from the video game I guess. Maybe sporting a cowboy hat? With the train song lyrics she is always singing on them. That'd be nice.

If anyone is nice enough to do this for me I thank you sooooooo much! I can't make icons. I'm just not that skilled. *pouts*
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I'm back

lol, I'm back from my mega-fun break(cheak LJ for...uh accounts...)

Therefore, more Icons coming!! However, I need some bases...so if anyone could post some(tell me please), that would great, thanks!!=)
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