August 1st, 2004

~"...that's why I buy Kinder Surprise"~

just one......

Just the one FF12 icon that I did late last night, when I was trying out things on Adobe....
Yep, I love that character ^^ please credit if used, comments are also very welcomed XD

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A Banner!

Hey Everyone! I got some of my programs back after my massive computer problem, I still cant make icons (at leats not animated ones) But i can make Friends Only banners and just regular banners to put in your info or whatever you wnat to use them for. I just have one today that's just a regular banner, but if you want it to be a FO banner you can add the text to it yourself. ***EDIT*** Im really sorry but i cant fix the typo on this banner for some reason..... it should say Isn't instead of Is'nt. Once again im really sorry

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