August 2nd, 2004

Ita Dango

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So here's a few bases from advent children. Jeff (good friend) sent me some of the new photos that I hadn't even seen. So I had to make a few bases and icons. Credit and comment as always if you take. If you want something customized, Lemme know, if I have the spare time I'll do it.

FFVII Advent Children:

1-Red XIII
1-Silver haired Villian can't remember his name

Teaser:title or description

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Auron Walking

5 Icons! ^_^

Okay. Here are 5 icons I just made. Two of them are a bit... off everything else. But - I hope you can live with it.. oo; Well, as always, credit not needed, just comment. ^_^

1. Seifer
2. Paine
3. Cid, FFIX
4. Rinoas Hand..
5. Cloud

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Hello all! Ive got just a few today, all from FFX. One is taken from an image in the end of the game but i dont think it will spoil it for you so you be the judge of whether or not you want to look at that one... RULES!!!! COMMENT PLEASE! And credit wherever you put these please although its not mandatory.

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Help Please...

Hi, I found three icons a couple of months ago, and hadn't planned on using them for livejournal, and was really just trying to find Yuna/Rikku pictures anywhere I could...

Either way, I have NO IDEA where they came from, probably from different artists, but I'd REALLY like to know, so that I can credit them... They're on my livejournal now, the one I'm posting with and then two more you can see by viewing my "pictures"...

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me out! I've spent hours pouring over other people's journals and communities with interests like Yuna, and Final Fantasy X/X-2. It's getting frustrating and I'd really like to know!!!

As soon as I find out, I'll take this off, or if I decide to not use the icons anymore (fat chance...) I'll take it off. If you hate me for posting this here, and not an icon, I'll remove it too. ^.^

My main goal here is to make sure nobody hates me for taking their icons and not crediting them!!!

Thank you!

*goes off and cries in desperation*
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