August 8th, 2004

Auron Walking

5 icons.

Well, it's been a while since I posted something. So here are 5 new icons. They're a bit rubbish all of them, but I hope you can live with it.. ^_^

1. Eiko
2. Zidane
3. Yuffie
4. Edea
5. Fujin

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Request Request, Ho Hum...

I'm looking to do some summoner icons, any summoner will do... And so I need bases. I'll be searching online tomorrow, so if no one wants to spare any it's cool. ^.^

And, being as uncool as my computer is, and me not getting anything better then paint, I have a happy little request...
I kind of want a moving icon of Yuna or Rikku pissed off. I mean MAD! Heh heh. I'm having no luck with the images I have, plus, I really want a moving icon, and I can't make those. I'm sorry, I know some think they are a hassle. I'll give you a lot of love, though, and will be forever in your debt. You're all such great artists... And I promise, soon, you'll get to see some of my icons, which will suck in comparison, I assure you. ^.~