August 9th, 2004


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Hi, look, I did it! Heh heh...

Now, since I don't have photobucket or anything like that, I'm putting a link to the webpage the icons are on, sorry if it's a hassle... There are two Friends Only banners, and Three 'ickle icons. All from FFX-2.

Feathers Falling

And good news, I'm stealing my boyfriends computer, so I'll be downloading some fun programs to play around with. Yay!

In dire need of help!

Okay, my friend is working on a T-shirt for me and I need some help from you guys.

Would someone be able to find me a REALLY nice fanart of Auron and Rikku together? Like, paling around or whatnot? I need this by, someone give me a hand ASAP,I can't find much. -_-

Much love, thanks.
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