August 11th, 2004

hello, this is me shamelessly plugging...

Hi, I'm new to the community, and I just started my own. its an icon contest community titled RPG_icontest. I encourage you all to join, and promote lol. so please do. For the mods of this community, i'm not trying to steal your members, but I just noticed there wasn't really that many rpg icontests around so i made one and I encourage you all to join. thank you for anything, nothing, or everything.

[morgan] kittyface ▪ just chillin'

FF8 slash icon.

I don't really play Final Fantasy, but when Mason and Mikul cosplayed as Irvin and Squall at Otakon 2003 and Ria managed to get an excellent picture of the two of them, I finally gave in and made an icon out of it. XD

Comment and credit. ^^;

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