August 26th, 2004

MR "Forever"

What's up with those pastell colors?

I just felt like doing something with soft colors for a change, soooo...these icons differ a lot from my old style. ^^° They have less freaky patterns and borders but instead. *ahem* Dunno if you like them.

Rules a.a.:

1. Enjoy! (That's the main thing)
2. Comment. ('tis always appreciated. And yes: "comment" includes "critic". I won't be mad. *gg*)
3. No direct-linking. (Direct-linkers will go to hell)
4. Credit (cause that's always a nice thing. ^^)


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PS: x-posted with Squaresoft Icon. ^^
PPS: Text mainly comes from Faye Wong's "Eyes on me".

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Hiya I'm new here and I would like to say how beautiful everyone's icons are ^^ I've made quite a few but they're on the other computer and I'm too lazy to go get them so...I might go make some on this one...^^
Hoping to make some friends maybe? =P *toddles off to be artistic*

Made two...was all I could make. I'm being kicked off e_e They're not my best's something? ^^; If you do decide to take them, please give credit =)

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