September 11th, 2004

Heya ^^;

Just wanted to post a small request for anyone interested....

Could someone make me an icon with the following two lines in it?

"A thousand years, and this moment is all we get?"
"This moment is enough."

I don't really mind too much what the images are of, feel free to get creative. ^_^ Thanks!
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(no subject)

A real odd request. Could anyone find, or point me in the direction of some Summon Shiva pictures. From titles VII-XI. I am working on a Shiva banner, but with one problem, NOT A SINGLE SHIVA PICTURE!

I love you all if you help me.
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(no subject)

hey, i dont have any icons to post as i dont know how to make them...i shall learn though...i hope none of you mind me joining since i have no icons to offer, and i hope none of you mind if i "steal" some of the icons cause they are excellent!


Just a Paine icon I made with my newbie animating skills...heh. Credit and comment, pwease. ^^

I'm making a songset. Toohoo. Probably be done in a week. Whee!