September 13th, 2004

Pardon if some of these are a repost...

...But I am busily trying to set up my new experimental icon journal, ebongray (I always swore I would never get a journal specifically for icons), and am unsure what has been posted here and what hasn't.  So I'll give you the whole shebang!  :D  Feel free to take whatever you like, just be sure to adhere to the Rules.  Enjoy!

1.Please comment and let me know what you're taking. Like any icon maker, I like to know where my stuff is going.
2. While credit is extremely flattering, it is certainly not necessary. However, if you would like to do so anyhow, please credit elevationist or ebongray.
3. If you do take anything, then you must be willing share it with others. These icons are not for specific people - anyone can use them!
4. Please upload icons to your own server. Bandwidth limitations bring down good websites every day. ;)
5. Please do not customize my bases without letting me know first.
6. I'll be glad to take any requests as long as what you're asking for is along the same lines of what I make, and it is not animated.

36.   40.   41.

( Follow the pretty link behold 45 icons total, including BtVS, AtS, U2, Disney, and Final Fantasy... )
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umm....i dont know if u can make requests here but i was wonderin if anyone has made an icon for the start of FFVIII where it says the ill be waiting here for you sorta stuff...if no one has made it, think any of u could?...i have no idea how to do that sort of stuff...hehe yeah