September 28th, 2004

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If this isn't allowed, I'm sorry v_v;

I just made a community and we're looking for memebers, it's an icon contest community, but it's a little different then most of them, insted of being just..say naruto or one piece icons, it's whatever the mod of that week picks.

hm, example being..say week one is Naruto Icons showing...Sasuke. Next week could be, Malice Mizer icons featuring Kozi. Make sense? ^_^

If anyone wants to make banners, that'd be really good too :3


x-posted a little x_x;

I'm the maintainer of the community with my graphic journal name (japanesesocks

Me again

There are a few Squall&Rinoa icons, but I wanted to try to make animated gifs... the results aren't that bad, but the files are huge and I'm still learning, keep in mind that I'm not a pro ;) And if you couldn't tell, yes, I have a little obsession with Squall... ;) And just in case you'd like to use them...

... please comment and credit ;) Enjoy!


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