October 19th, 2004

Axis Powers Hetalia

91 Final Fantasy Icons

I'm new to the community and I come bearing many Final Fantasy icons. This post has been cross-posted quite a bit, so I apologize if you are seeing it twice. All I ask is that you please:

Comment with which ones you're taking
Credit wildmusings in keywords
Don't direct link the icons, my host can't take it
Don't edit them in any way, wordless icons are not bases

1 Final Fantasy V
12 Final Fantasy VI
5 Final Fantasy VII
1 Advent Children
17 Final Fantasy VIII
14 Final Fantasy IX
13 Final Fantasy X
23 Final Fantasy X-2
2 Final Fantasy XI
2 Final Fantasy XII
1 Moogle

91 icons slow loading, long scrolling

( 91 Final Fantasy icons @ icontradiction )

(no subject)

Hey guys I just purchased photoshop, and I need to now how to get the fancy letters on the icons/avatar. I have some really interesting ff pics that I want to post on this community if any one could tell me how I would be much obliged:D
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