November 12th, 2004


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Man, I need a life. XD

State SPECIFICALLY which ones you take. Some are variations, textless are NOT bases. Comment and credit.

NOTE: The South Park one isn't meant to be shippy. XD I hate Tidus/Auron. lol

Under the cut...


1 Yuna
1 Tidus
3 Yuna/Tidus
1 South Park Tidus and Auron


1 Morbid Zombie Yuna >=D
2 Gippal
3 Paine
1 Lulu
1 Lenne
1 Lenne/Shuyin
1 Aurikku Dark Knight
9 Shuyin/Yuna
9 Yuna
3 Shuyin


1 Runny Makeup Angsty Squall >=D

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