November 13th, 2004


I recently went out and cleaned my photobucket accounts. Because of this, several icon links were broken. I've come and re-posted various icons and banners I've made.

Icons and Banners
- 1 Yuna/Tidus Icon
- 1 Tidus Base
- 1 Vivi Icon
FFVII: Advent Children-
- 2 Cloud/Aerith Icons
- 1 Aerith Icon
- 1 Vincent Icon
- 1 Cloud/Aerith FO Banner
- 1 Tiffa FO Banner
- 1Cloud/Vincent FO Banner
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Icon post: Final Fantasy 8

This entry has been brought to you by Final Fantasy 8 and Dylan Thomas... because only an English major could find a Squall/Rinoa icon in a poem about death.

Want, comment, take, save with a .gif extension.

Version 1 has a blue border (taken from Rinoa's sweater); version 2 has a brown border (taken from Squall's hair). That's the only difference.

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I'm posting this to six communities at once, so please let me know if animated icons should be placed behind a cut in this particular community.

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