November 21st, 2004


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hey sorry to be making a request without contributing any icons or anything, but i'm working on a batch, but anyway if someone who can make good animated icons could put together some sort of icon with parts of the ending of FFVIII with all the weird rinoa flashbacks and when the tear runs down squalls face, cuz my animated ones suck? thanks guys
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Yo. =D

I have just done a MASSIVE cleanout of all the icons I have made to date, and put them all together in one little space at my new icon journal (I'm alot better than the crappy old ones you see in there right now, I swear XD). That includes Final Fantasy (7-10), Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Spy Fiction, Resident Evil, ect.

So yeah. Take a look, if you like, there's gotta be over 100 icons in there. ^^ I'll be posting some new ones soon.

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