January 10th, 2005

basch - desert
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ff7:ac icons

1 random rikku icon submitted to visualcrack a couple of months ago
9 advent children icons

as usual, credit is optional, just don't claim they're yours.  don't hotlink.  please comment if you like them.  the cid ones were made for someone in particular, although now i can't remember who...  sorry.


(my first fake lj-cut!)

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not sure I'm allowed to ask a question... so i'll throw in some icons as well ;)

but my question is:

where do you guys get your pictures for your icons? i usually just use google... but you know, i just pull up the same pictures all the time- and i'm bored with them LoL
or if you guys could point me in the direction of a community specifically for this type of question that would be great too :)
thank you.

and i tease you no longer:

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