January 14th, 2005

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Update to my icon journal- 72 icons and 1 header. :)

On todays agenda...
[x8]Final Fantasy VII
[x2]Final Fantasy VIII
[x5]Final Fantasy X; ([x4]Aurikku and [x1]Aurikku Header)
[x4]Final Fantasy X-2; ([x2]Gippikku)
[x18]Metal Gear Solid 3
[x2]Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
[x12]Tomb Raider 2 Cradle of Life (Angelina Jolie Inclu.)
[x2]Resident Evil Apocalypse
[x3]Kingdom Hearts 2
[x1]Marilyn Monroe
[x1]Liv Tyler
[x1]Yoshi's Island
[x2]Beyond Good and Evil
[x1]Princess Diaries 2
[x1]Wasabi (Ryoko Hirosue)


(Newsflash- Latest Report From the IRIS Network)

Hehe, BG&E owns.

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