January 17th, 2005

MR "Forever"

30x FF7 Advent Children [UPDATE +29]

It was about time I got back to making FF7AC icons. ^____^

Edit: Just added another 29 icons. Sorry for the change. Didn't want to write a new post.

1. Enjoy! ^^
2. Credit! (people tend to "forget" that. EVIL!)
4. Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome. (I especially like to hear what kind of style, border and colors you prefer on an icon so I can improve my future creations)

1. 2. 3.

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The rules are still the same.

Teasers #2
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yeah, another load of final fantasy and kingdom hearts icons....

o2 final fantasy x
o3 final fantasy viii
o4 final fantasy vii ac
o2 kingdom hearts
o4 kingdom hearts 2

** i know i posted three of these before but i'm just copying the post from my other journal to make things easier on me ;) **

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