January 26th, 2005

MR "Forever"

La le Lulu ^^

Someone (buffy_kitten ^___^ Yes, I did not forget!) wanted Lulu icons. ^^ Here you go. Hope you like them. Oh, yeah and there's one "Baby Wakka" icon, too. (does that child actually have a name?)

So all of you: Enjoy. ;) Comments and Credits (when using) would be nice and appreciated. ^^
Direct-linking is EVIL though!

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PS: Just in case you wondered: The Baby Wakka icon is saying "La le lu, sleep now, too". This is part of the translation of Heinz Rühmann's German lullaby "La le lu, nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu" ("La le lu, only the man in the moon is watching"). It's such a cute song. ^^