January 28th, 2005

MR "Forever"

24x Garnet ... x-posted

I know I'm posting nearly every second day or so now... I'm sorry. I don't want to drown you in icons but I'm currently having too much fun working on avatars. ^^# Hope you're not going to kill me. *whoops*

perfectnplastic amazed me by calling my icons amazing ^^ (*hugs perfectnplastic again*) and asked for more Garnet ones, so I made some.
Hope you (all) enjoy!!!

Rules: Comments are always, so are credits, but direct-linking isn't. *hinthint* ^^

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PS: My English isn't perfect and these days I'm also ill (which leads to even more lack of concentration) so...there might be more misspellings than I usually produce. ^^# *aargh* If you stumble across any kind of writing mistakes, please tell me at once so I can change the misspelled text. Thanks a lot.