January 31st, 2005


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Me again. Shi at your service, for those of you (all of you) who don't know my name. Anyhow. I made another batch of icons because they're so damn addicting and stuff. Ickle warning: I used the 'f' word once, so sorry if it offends anyone.

This time, there are 11 icons:
[6]FFX & X-2
[2]Advent Children

Collapse )

Have only played FF8... -coughsmallobsessionwithff8cough- will get into the 9 soon. Never played 7 nor 10... BUT even though... Yuna will become my new hero(ine). *_*; She rocks. -cough- Sorry.

Usual rules. Comment, credit, no hot-linking. ^^; Take and enjoy! Tell me what you think.
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