February 8th, 2005


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I am teh great wun.

8 x Final Fantasy X/ X-2
4 x Kingdom Hearts
4 x Koda Kumi 
8 x Random icons
2 x Random mini movies
2 x FFX-2 backgrounds
Icons that aren't in large themed quantities :)
 - wolfs rain
 - chobits
 - azumanga diaoh
 - FFVII advent children
Total: 26 icons
          2 backgrounds
          7 mini movies

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So. Comment and Credit if you use. That includes the background if you want to display them anywhere on the web.
Um. And that's it. Enjoy.
  • melanna

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[3] Colorbars
[2] Final Fantasy I
[1] Final Fantasy II
[2] Final Fantasy III
[2] Final Fantasy IV
[3] Final Fantasy V
[1] Final Fantasy VI
[3] Final Fantasy VII
[14] Final Fantasy VIII
[8] Final Fantasy X/X-2
[1] Final Fantasy XI
[1] Final Fantasy Tactics
[2] Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicals

[14] Icons that were too big and couldn't make the cut

COMMENT & CREDIT minoticons
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Request...Sorry if this isn't allowed

terribly sorry if this isn't allowed but I was wondering if someone could help me out by making me a Friends Only Banner. Problem? I have the picture. Well, kind of. I have a smaller version. I can't seem to find the bigger version of it. If you have thi bigger version of it (I don't mind if it is of a different angle or anything) Then would you be will to make me one? If this isn't allowed I'll delete it...

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